Online Facilities

Our online library collection contains millions of articles, television and radio transcripts, photographs, video and audio clips, encyclopedia, books and reference titles.

We have over 30 databases covering a wide range of subject areas from physical sciences, technology, medicine, social sciences, the arts, theology, literature, trade and business, the economy, telecommunications, electronics, humanities, behavioral, health sciences, the arts, biography, environment, history, criminal justice/law and multicultural studies.

We provide access to 490 encyclopedia, dictionaries, biographies and other reference books as well as articles from more than 2,200 general-interest publications, streaming video covering every major subject from art to medicine, psychology to history, and technology to literature, whilst our database contains material from magazines, newspapers, books, and transcripts, plus thousands of maps, pictures, authoritative websites and audio/video files on a wide variety of general topics, including coverage of all major clinical and healthcare disciplines, psychology, cytology, nursing, nutrition, oncology, pediatric care, pharmacology, public health and radiology.

For business students, we provide access to over 1,000 case studies, statistical data sources, news articles, academic journals and topical reference materials organized by country, company and industry, and more than 14,000 titles, including more than 9,000 peer-reviewed journals and more than 6,000 in full text and full text of The New York Times from 1985 to present day. In addition our resources contain information on nearly 450,000 companies with approximately 90% of those being privately held.

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